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Final parts of the Age of Ultron poster.

Emotionally compromised by drones hurting my dear Hulk, even though he can totally handle it.



I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of Avengers shit I will be posting this weekend.

Hawkeye in Age of Ultron


Black Widow concept art form Age of Ultron 

So much beautiful Marvel stuff happened when I was away, god bless this man.

So much beautiful Marvel stuff happened when I was away, god bless this man.

You people are so petty and tiny

I love you Thor




The fate of Bruce Banner/The Hulk at the end of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON has been spoiled!

I want this so badly it hurts, like really I have been kind of thinking that might happen to Bruce/Hulk at the end but I wasn’t sure but add in the potential team-up and I’m like hedjhsdjhdjhsdhddb yes! Seriously. Fuck.


You all excited for the crowds of Comic Con coming up? (x)

Fuck yeah, going to be like 2010 all over again only this time the crowds won’t be dicks to Mark


Is there science bros action in Avengers 2? [x]

Some celebs find out about fandom and ships and its a terrible thing, Mark Ruffalo finds out about Science Bros and not only fully embraces it but starts referring to it in interviews and then joins Tumblr and acts like the world’s nicest person. More people should be like Mark Ruffalo.

Relevant to my interests 

Stand down. We’re good here. 

The wrath of God in a bottle

Trouble comes in three

I really want more Steve/Natasha/Clint in AoU