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Will we get more Bruce-Tony one-on-ones in the sequel? “I’m guessing you will,” teased Ruffalo, who just read the script. As for the rampant rumors that Bruce Banner may have a legitimate love interest this time around, Ruffalo’s wide grin told the tale. “That may or may not be true,” he said coyly.
Mark Ruffalo talks The Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

"So you’re saying that the Hulk— the Other Guy, saved my life? That’s nice. That’s a nice sentiment. Saved it for.. What?"

"I guess we’ll find out."

Tony whacking Hulk in the face with a door, then holding his hand

Avengers Annual 2013


because i just imagine tony digging the night night gun and i would loveeeeee to see the science bros meeting fitzsimmons like i actually NEED that to happen

I need this also



Hahaha this is great, must be the best SPN thing since S5

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Mark using the term Science Bro for real life friendships is amazing (x)


Science Bros

I don’t know when I’m going to finish the other avengers….

August 2013


The cover for my upcoming science bros fanbook~=D

Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr & Dr. Benner Mark Ruffalo at the end of Iron Man 3

Yay a good quality version of this at last

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I am on a Ruffalo high right now, leave me alone world and let me indulge 

There’s some science in it, which means I have scenes where someone says ‘Science the sciency science’. So I’m like, ‘I’ll fix that later.’
Joss Whedon talks about the first draft of The Avengers 2, science the sciency science can only mean one thing, Science Bros!



Possibly the most perfect gif in existence 

Mark Ruffalo briefly talks about Hulk and the lack of movie

The best part is him saying “Science Bros” sighs that perfect man


“science bros” by Sohryu on TegakiE