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Nobody can tell ya
There’s only one song worth singing
They may try and sell ya
Cause it hangs them up
To see someone like you….

Lost 02x01 ‘Man of Science, Man of Faith’

Never forget the wonder of the opening scene of this episode.

I was having a nervous breakdown and then I heard your song Begin Again (2014)

Sweet god Begin Again was perfect, I was smiling throughout and crying just a little and the music was so good.

I’ve been in the mood for some life affirming uplifting stories lately and it really hit that sweet spot.  Keira and Mark were so lovely in it as well.

I thought you might have a rule against soldiers

In which I fall in love with Danny Pink in the space of several minutes.

 Remember that

What a great show and what a bittersweet ending.

"That would be cruel and unusual punishment"
"Cruel for who?"
"You sister"
"Quite the opposite brother "

Rectify Season 2 finale ‘Unhinged’ 

"This is not gonna’ be pretty. We’re talkin’ violence, strong language, adult content." 

Buffy Summers

"We can’t be together"

This scene, hell the entire final 15 minutes or so when Tawney and Teddy Jr fight and then Daniel turns up at her motel room were just completely outstanding. Amazing performances from everyone, perfectly chosen music and just an air of tension, of complete sorrow and then a brief moment of compassion between Tawney and Daniel.  

Honestly I just wish more people would watch Rectify.

You don’t know me Tawney.  You only think you know me.  You only see what you want to see.  You don’t know the despicable things I’ve done.

Rectify 02x08 ‘The Great Destroyer’

What about all that talk about screwing up future events? The space-time continuum?

10 Time-Travel/Time-Loop Films: 

Back To The Future Trilogy / Donnie Darko / Edge Of Tomorrow / Groundhog Day / Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Looper / Source Code / Time Crimes / Triangle / Twelve Monkeys

All the people who stayed, pretending that it never happened. They’re asleep but they need to wake up now.

The Leftovers won’t be a show for everyone but it deals with grief in a beautiful way.

I liked the opening episode quite lot but its definitely a show I would have a hard time recommending to people because its pretty unique and pretty bleak.

This isn’t a show about answers, I feel like this needs to be said every week at the start of the episode because already I am seeing people talking about the plot and whether we will find out what happened or how they won’t even give the series a chance because of Damon Lindeloff and Lost. Seriously if that is how you feel just walk away now.

The book and the show are about the people left behind and how society copes with having no answer for what happened, whether it is people finding religion whilst others lose their faith. You see people becoming reckless and others trying to cling onto what is left of their lives.

I mean think about it, think if it really happened in real life, how on Earth would you react? I think that is what really got to me and I found myself crying at times, not even over necessarily sad scenes but just the idea of it happening for real it would be devastating but the “leftovers’ can either give up or try to continue.

Basically this is a story about grief and that won’t be for everyone and whilst I can’t really say I look forward to more because it is very dark and soul destroying at times, I am involved enough in the characters to want to continue watching these group of humans struggling with an event so devastating, so messed up that is hard to fathom.

I’m fascinated with the idea of society having to deal with something so out of the ordinary but this isn’t the end of the world, there are no zombies walking the earth, no Four Horsemen. 2% of the population disappeared and life is expected to continue. Really thought provoking stuff.

Just came back, where else was I supposed to go?

Rectify 02x01 ”Running With The Bull’

One of the best shows of last year is back with its second season and I couldn’t be happier - well once I managed to stop crying that is. Rectify has no problem with dealing with faith, the possibility of redemption, revenge and guilt and its strength is focusing on the characters rather than the plot

Last season ended with the devastatingly brutal beating of Daniel Holden (Aden Young as great as ever in the role) and now the lines between dream like reality and well actual dreams becomes more blurred in the season opener. Daniel spends his time in a coma and is visited by his old friend Kerwin (Johnny Ray Gill) who was executed last season. Their scenes together are beautiful as Kerwin admits to always hoping Daniel would get out of jail so he could live his life through him.

Kerwin represents hope in Daniel’s sub-conscious. Meanwhile flashbacks (or possibly memories its hard to tell) show the stark brutality of life in prison for Daniel after his closest friend leaves, it is horrible and it represents the part of Daniel that has given up on his life. It is tragic and horrible and thankfully the ending of the episode sees Kerwin turn up again and infuse Daniel with the thing he needs most, hope. Daniel has a chance to live a life again and Kerwin is determined he fights for it.

Elsewhere in the episode we see Daniel’s family struggle with the attack. Amantha (Abigail Spencer) once again feels the need to fight for her brother in anyway possible, whilst his mother Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) just doesn’t want to see her son die. My favorite non-Daniel scene of the episode came in the form of Amantha and Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) talking about religion as Tawney suffers a rare crisis in faith and wonders why God would allow such a horrible thing to happen to Daniel who has already suffered so much.

Like I’ve said before I love how Rectify handles religion, it never judges Tawney and her beliefs, she is never cast as a bad guy, she is never preachy. She just wants what is best for Daniel and in the short time she has known him (barely a week) she has grown attached to the man. It is touching and genius, she isn’t trying to save his soul to make herself feel better she is doing it because she cares for the man and believes he deserves some light in his life after nearly 20 years of darkness. I’m an atheist but the handling of faith on the show fascinates me no end and it proves religion and spirituality can be dealt with in TV in a thoughtful considered way.

Rectify deserves the increased media attention it has been getting this season. It is a very unique series, whilst slow-burn is often used to describe boring shows that never go anywhere with the plot or character, Rectify instead uses to its advantage. It doesn’t care about dropping huge revelations, or making sure every episode has a cliffhanger. Instead it lets the viewers consider who Daniel is, who these characters are and doesn’t ask us to judge them but study them and enjoy our time with them. I could spend a life-time watching them.

The second season of Rectify airs on Thursdays 9/8c on Sundance Channel - it is also available to buy on ITunes US and Amazon.Com.  S1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Mark Ruffalo for Solange Jewellery (x) 

I don’t know why Tumblr hasn’t made any pretty gifs of this advert yet, so here have some Ruffalo in a pink dressing gown.

Molly Solverson may not have put down the Devil but she is still the hero of Fargo

I completely disagree with people who claim the Fargo finale took away Molly’s agency. Nope. She was still the hero.

She was the one who solved the case. She was the one that survived and became Chief.

Her battle was never really with Malvo it was more with Lester and she got the satisfaction of knowing she was right in regards to him.  

Gus had to redeem himself for his mistake earlier in the season thus he had to take down the threat that seemed too much back then but if he didn’t do it now would threaten to destroy everything.

Not all heroes have to be the badass who takes down the villain (and lets face it Gus wasn’t a badass in the slightest, he did what needed to be done but took no joy in it and only took down Malvo when he was injured and without a weapon). 

Not all heroes have to kill the villain in order to validate their role in the story.

Female characters can be strong without having to kickass all the time.

Molly proved herself time and time again with the case, with her determination not to back down and always question the inconsistencies in Lester’s story and ultimately she untangled that complex web and was proved right.

She is the hero of the story no matter what. 

Mark Ruffalo for the Hollywood Reporter TV Drama Roundtable

Josh Charles: ”But, I follow Mark on Twitter, and I have no problem separating his tweets from watching him be a character. It doesn’t bother me. Following him on Twitter doesn’t make me feel like I know him so much more that I can’t watch him lose himself in a character”

Mark Ruffalo: “It depends on the way social media is used, too. “I took two craps today and am having a ham sandwich.”

Jon Hamm: “Two a day now? Good for you”

Mark Ruffalo: "Oh man, it’s like clockwork"

Yeah a certainty if we go together

Fargo doesn’t just hint at the chances of Molly and Gus getting together it full out makes them canon by jumping forward and year and making them married and expecting a child. Seriously show this is so adorable, and lovely and I really hope things don’t go terribly bad for them. I think they will be OK.