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Top 35 TV Shows of 2013

19. Being Human

You should have put us together. Everything is incomplete without them.

Whilst there are many shows that ended this year which I miss the majority of them had reached their natural end but I really would have liked more time with Being Human. Yes five seasons isn’t bad but it would have been great to have spent more time with Hal, Alex and Tom.

Back when the show began I never would have thought having a rotating group of characters would have worked, after all I loved the dynamics between the original gang but Being Human was always so great at creating these flawed characters that I just wanted to watch every week. Even after Mitchell, George and Annie departed I was still in love with the show because now we had Hal, Tom and Alex - a vampire, werewolf and ghost with different issues but still all struggling with the show’s fundamental question, what it means to be human.

The final season really brought that struggle to the forefront again and the ending was wonderful because of its ambiguity. Perhaps the Devil did in fact win and trick the gang but even if he had then they we still all together and that is what mattered most to them. Or perhaps they won and got their chance to finally be human. As it so happens a DVD bonus scene gives us a different ending, one in which it is revealed to be a trick but one in which our trio decide they they are going to kick some ass and continue to save the day and how human and wonderful is that?

Favourite Episodes: The Greater Good / The Last Broadcast

Oh, you just don’t fancy me. No, it’s alright, you don’t have to answer that.

Fuck I miss this show so much

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4x07 || 5x02

Bad Hal + sarcasm.

I loved Bad Hal

“How could you have spent a century living among people without learning anything from us? “

being human | six relationships (alex millar, hal yorke, and tom mcnair)

“you should have put us together. everything is incomplete without them.”

“have you asked her yet?”

Never getting over this show

I cried when Hal saw his reflection. Well I cried a lot in this episode but especially that part.

We’re human

OMG Toby you sneaky fucking bastard. That was both a happy ending and a fucked up ending! Even if they were trapped in one of Hatch’s dreams at least they were with each other and Alex wearing Tom’s shorts and them watching Antiques Roadshow and oh god so many emotions.


‘She thought her love, her friendship would keep me strong and clean… She didn’t look frightened or even surprised. Just disappointed’

A Werewolf, a vampire and a ghost

Not coping with this show ending, not coping at all

A Werewolf, a vampire and a ghost

Not coping with this show ending, not coping at all

So. What have we got left to look forward to? Us refugees? The flotsam and jetsam of death. Maybe, if we still deserve such a thing as mercy, we find each other.

Being Human, 5 seasons, 36 episode (2009-2013)

A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost share a house. It sounds like the start of bad joke but Being Human took the concept and made something special.

From the very start way back with the pilot the idea of having three people struggling with their natures and their fates whilst forming deep friendships and attempting to blend in with the rest of the world was deeply compelling.

Throughout the five seasons there has been a great blend of scares, fun and emotionally devastating scenes. I’ve always been so impressed how over the course of 60 minutes the tone of the show can switch so quickly and yet feel natural. One moment the audience is laughing, the next wondering if they will ever sleep again.  

Being Human was never afraid of going down some deeply dark roads. I still remember watching episode 01x04 and being stunned at just how messed up the show was and the issues it was dealing with (for those who can’t remember it’s the episode where Mitchell befriends the young boy and the neighbours accuse him of being a paedophile). Yet that was the show, it had laughs, it had scares but it also dealt with what it means to be human and human nature is often scarier and more disturbing than the vampires or werewolves of the show.

It worked because at the heart of the show was friendship and the struggles that at first Annie, George and Mitchell faced then Alex, Tom and Hal.  Making a supernatural show is easy, there are plenty of things that go bump in the night that can scare audiences. Making a supernatural show with heart though, with characters that don’t feel like stereotypes or one dimensional is an achievement. 

When the show went through some major cast changes at the end of S3/beginning of S4 I know a lot of people stopped watching but that does a real disservice to the series.  The new trio of Annie/Tom/Hal and then later Alex/Tom/Hal has been a pleasant surprise, helped by the fact that the new trio is very different from the old.  Tom is nothing like George, Alex nothing like Annie and despite their shared bloodlust Hal nothing like Mitchell. This has opened the show up to new dynamic and new storylines and a host of brilliant supporting characters.

Even after five years Being Human still feels like a show that never really got the attention it deserved and its untimely cancellation, episode reduction and shifted time slot just feels unjust. Yet its fans know just how great it was, just how special and how great a loss it is not only to the genre but to TV.

So goodbye Annie, goodbye George, goodbye Nina, goodbye Mitchell, goodbye Alex, goodbye Tom, goodbye Hal. Goodbye to all the villains to all the great one of characters. Goodbye to the house in Bristol and goodbye to Honolulu Heights. Goodbye to the cups of teas and love of The Real Hustle. Goodbye to The Barry Grand hotel. Goodbye to Being Human. I am going to miss you so.

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Sighs happier times, well even if he was totally hiding a bottle of blood in his back pocket