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You really don’t know if you’re going to survive him, do you?

You can’t save everyone, Will.

Whilst I’m sure many fans were screaming ‘yes” at this point, I was screaming at Hannibal to leave Will the fuck alone. Like seriously.


Whoever you are afraid of… don’t be afraid to use it.

Get a feeling this is going to be a literal Chekhov’s gun moment

What’s your private carnage?

Man is the only creature that kills to kill

(via madsmikkelsoned)

I didn’t like this episode too much but Will visiting Peter was certainly a highlight.

…in summer

Is your social worker in that horse?

It was my turn to provide the meat

You hook him, I’ll land him

Said you were worried about the bird

Jeremy Davies was once again really fucking terrific, it is always great to see him pop up in things whether it be Justified or Hannibal. He deserves to be a bigger star,

I was wrong about you

1.13 Savoureux | 2.07 Yakimono
"The Ripper’s not self-destructive. He doesn’t want to get caught, he wants you to catch someone. Like he wanted you to catch me. Somewhere, in all of this evidence, you will find something that will lead you away from Hannibal Lecter.”

She likes applesauce