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We’re making a new world. We are creating Utopia.

Caught up with S2 of Utopia and loved their opening episode, Tom Burke and Rose Leslie were amazing in it. Watching 3 episodes in the row though will mess with your head.

I think the brain’s afraid of being in a state of constant wonder

Aden Young is once again killing it this season of Rectify, his performance as Daniel is both hilarious (I don’t know if other people find this show funny but the deadpan way Daniel responds to things at time just cracks me up) but mostly heartbreaking. Here is a man just trying to adjust to the new world and whilst he can make connections with people he can never really be himself. I mean we all feel we can’t be ourselves but we don’t have to worry about the dark secret of being on death row for most of our adult lives coming out.  

Raw sex appeal

I love Doc Yewll so much

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the right way.

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It’s time for you to go home… You were right about what you said earlier, about being my best friend. Thank you. Look in on my family when you can.

Forever crying over this


We need some kind of relief, you know. We need some way that we can, you know, have fun.

Penguins One, Us Zero

The day before we left for London, I was sitting in my office looking at a picture on my desk of a beautiful woman. I kept staring at it. It’s been on my desk since my first day in office. And I knew that I knew that woman, but I couldn’t think of her name. Ten seconds, fifteen seconds go by then poof, it pops into my head. It was Audrey. I won’t remember anything that happens today. I won’t remember anything that happens period. I won’t remember that I had a daughter that died in such a horrible fashion.

I was obsessed with 24 when it first aired but like many I grew a bit tired as the seasons went on but I am so happy at how brilliant Live Another Day has been.

Maybe it is because we had a break, maybe it is the tighter focus due to only having 12 hours but mostly I think it is because emotionally it worked really well. That final speech with Heller is a good example at how the audience history with the characters means that it packs a really punch.

I hope the show does come back but if it doesn’t and if that really is the end of Jack then it feels true to the character and the story even if it broke my heart.

Take your breath. Eat your heart. And shit you out like you were nothing.

Lost re-watch | 5x11 | Whatever Happened, Happened

Time travel paradoxes will drive you insane, unless you have a helpful mind altering Temple.

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She’s gone

You’re an idiot

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