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are you ready?

So ready, my usual disclaimer applies once the episode airs I will be posting a load of spoilers, blacklist #Doctor Who Spoilers.

Stahma realizing that Christie killed Treasure Doll AKA Stahma is a proud mother-in-law.

I thought a white person must’ve lost their dog

This is a school library, Xander

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As Todd VanDerWerff recently wrote over at Vox, Rectify is the best show no one is watching and although that kind of statement is often used when discussing small and unappreciated shows unfortunately in Rectify’s case it really is true, apparently last week’s episode only had 120,000 viewers.

Really this is a travesty, I know Sundance TV is a small upcoming channel which many people probably don’t even get in their cable package and the fact that Rectify hasn’t really been picked up in other markets like the UK can’t help but it is truly a shame that more people haven’t watched the series yet.

Season 2 ended last night with some answers and a lot of heartache but mostly the future for Daniel Holden and his family is unclear for now, though thankfully Rectify was picked up for a season 3 earlier this week. I’m delighted this show got renewed but I wish both it and The Honourable Woman (a Sundance TV/BBC co-production) had bigger audiences. They are incredible shows and I really just want people to be aware of them because I feel like the world is missing out on something truly special.

Spoilers below the cut

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I’m just too tired to live

This is me most days

I’m just too tired to live

This is me most days

 Remember that

What a great show and what a bittersweet ending.

"That would be cruel and unusual punishment"
"Cruel for who?"
"You sister"
"Quite the opposite brother "

Rectify Season 2 finale ‘Unhinged’ 

I fucked the shit out of him on top of a pile of guns.

Unburden yourself son

I don’t got time for this bullshit

Miles + best moments 



The ending though…..yep

Is everyone here as trapped as I am?

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Cause together, we’re a crime fighting team

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