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The love affair continues

Awkward elevator rides with George and Eli

Lost re-watch | 6x11 | Happily Ever After

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I didn’t know you smoked

Mark Ruffalo being adorable

Keri Russell for Brooklyn Magazine.

No, no, not the hugging

Seriously 12 is so fucking cute, like he would kill anyone who called him cute but I don’t care

"I went to Jill’s school and I ran inside. She and Tommy were both there, and… they were scared. I just remember the look on their faces when they saw me."

I thought I better hide in the bedroom

Portraits of Mark Ruffalo from the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Yeah, I laughed too. Sorry!

I love 12 so much, he really gives no fuck

Dad skills

- I should have been dead.- No, you’re alive. You’re fine. You’re gonna be okay.

- I should have been dead.
- No, you’re alive. You’re fine. You’re gonna be okay.

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