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Don’t act like you know what Fury had me do.

Well he had you spy on him for a reason, so what was it?

House Stark in 4.02 The Lion and the Rose

Raylan Givens in ‘Restitution’


"I need to remember.”


Garrett is so fucking great, like a truly fun bad guy I kind of wish he would last longer than the season but I get the impression he won’t which is a real shame.

Ms. Marvel 003

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Jaime & Brienne in ‘The Lion and the Rose.’

And that still carries weight! 

Its okay Phil, S2 is so gonna be Agents of Fury, its fine. I wish Cap would turn up and give him a pep talk he could do with one.

Sir, bacterias are not pets

Super impressed by the TV version of Fargo, the movie is my favourite Coen Brothers film so I was a little worried but they did a good job of adapting the style and feel but giving us new characters. I love what a shit stirrer Lorne is and I loved all the shocks towards the end of the episode. Can’t wait for more.

You shouldn’t tweet your location to someone who wants to kill you, Jonah. […] You know what? I swear to God, I’m gonna rip your guts out through your tiny, shriveled, little chihuahua cock!

Yes! My bad. Fury is not dead

You know one of my favourite thing about the MCU is how people just casually call Steve ‘Cap’ it just makes me smile every time. I love Eric Koenig by the way and his love of lanyards and the fact that he is part of the inner Fury circle of super secrets.

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If I wanted to work you, I’d ask you about Coulson and his team and how                              you managed to gain their  t  r  u  s  t.

This really hurts.

Oh Mark remember when they had set visits for the media and he wanted to show them photos of the Hulk and then someone from Marvel was like ‘no no no!’ he is always so enthusiastic, if he could he would Tweet everything from the set.

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Script: Cohle calmly takes the pulse in his neck, as if idly curious about his heart rate.

Matthew McConaughey explains: He’s coming off of years being Crash. He’s trying to walk the line. Monk-like. Trying to hold it together. And that’s a lot easier with less interaction with others. There’s a mechanical side to him.