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The 107th?

You look so crazy right now, but cute!

You silly tit

Is your social worker in that horse?


make me choose:  Ginny or Luna (for Shannon)


make me choose:  Ginny or Luna (for Shannon)

I didn’t know where else to go

Yes yes all my dreams about Art helping Sarah and the clones are coming true. 

Batman could be anybody, that was the point

Who doesn’t like flowers?

Felix are you high?

Like the gods answered my prayers and gave me all the Felix/Alison ever. 

It was my turn to provide the meat

We love you Alison

Alison oh Alison, my darling, my favourite Clone, welcome back.

i’m not saying you’re weak. i’m saying all men are weak.

(via jemmasmmns)

You hook him, I’ll land him

Films Watched In 2014

#26 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

So due to the fact that this movie isn’t out in the US for another couple of weeks, I’ve decided to just link to my super spoilerly post instead!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Just an outlaw. [for peterj-sonquill]