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Julian Casablancas+The Voidz - Where No Eagles Fly



Pre-Order here:

Trollian Casablancas strikes again, these are so weird like seriously.


Jeff Buckley’s lasting legacy is that voice, a divine power that he harnessed and whipped around like some superhero with a killer haircut. Yorke wasn’t the only one to imitate it; there’s an entire school of (mostly British) vocalists who owe their careers to Buckley, including but not limited to Chris Martin, Matthew Bellamy, Fran Healy, and that guy from Ours. Grace is a fine time capsule of Buckley’s tremendous singing ability, but beyond that, it’s a portrait of a well-rounded artist brimming with inspiration…

Jeff Buckley’s Grace turns 20.

OK just so you guys know if I disappear from Tumblr its because of this. Every so often I have been getting emails from Tumblr because of posting music, they remove the offending music but never ever tell you what the actual artist/song was.

I actually haven’t uploaded any music myself for a few months because of this (I just reblog posts) so basically someone is going through posts dating back 4 years and claiming copyright.

So now they are sending me this but its complete rubbish because lets face it, who hasn’t uploaded music on Tumblr before? Seriously who? If they are going to delete every blog that has ever uploaded music then most of Tumblr’s userbase will be gone.

So now I’m going through 100s of music posts deleting everything. Thought I should warn you. It could happen to you.

If they do delete my Tumblr frankly I doubt I will be back and least not in any major ways I’ve got 15,000 posts on here over 4 and half years. I can’t possibly replace all of that. 

I love music, I love posting about it and it saddens me I can no longer do that.

You can find me on my public Twitter here The Idiot_box in case I do go missing and decide to start another Tumblr.

Edited: Took me over 4 hours but I have deleted every audio post I had which was just over 600 posts. I swear to god if Tumblr end up deleting my blog after this I am going to go fucking insane.

There are two bands in my life which I love unconditionally. One of those bands is The Strokes but my first love will always be the Manic Street Preachers.

It’s hard to express just how much they mean to me and whilst I will always find something to enjoy in their music it is always a pleasure when they are on genuine top form and it is not just my blind love for the band.

I really feel they have been on a roll these past few albums, whether it be the unofficial follow-up to The Holy Bible - Journal For Plague Lovers, the last shot of mass communication Postcards For A Young Man or last year’s mostly acoustic and utterly sublime Rewind The Film.

With Futurology though they have gone it yet another direction and musically it may well be their best since their 1990s heyday.

For the majority of the band’s career they were always gloriously out of sync with what was happening around them, yes they had huge success with Everything Must Go and This Is My Truth especially but then they somehow managed to have a number one record about the Spanish Civil War.

It therefore feels typical of the band that they go and release this love letter to Europe at a time when people are turning against the idea of the EU (as seen by the disturbing turn to the right most countries went to during the recent EU elections).

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but it somehow makes the album feel more vital.  They sing in German, they sing about Øresund Bridge (which links Sweden and Denmark). Really its the perfect antidote to the xenophobic bullshit the newspapers put out everyday.

Onto the music itself and Misguided Missile is definitely the highlight of the album so far for me, I also absolutely adore the two instrumental tracks Mayakovsky and Dreaming a City (Hugheskova) and I hope rumors that the band may record a soundtrack in the near future happens.  Lets Go To War, Europa Geht Durch Mich and Sex, Power, Love and Money are such fun tracks they are impossible not to dance to.

This is the band’s 12th studio album and somehow they seem more refreshed than ever despite only releasing Rewind The Film last autumn.  It seems weird that the tragic events of 19 years ago could have marked the end of the band because my life without these albums would be rather dull.


The Strokes at The Governors Ball Music Festival

ph by Erina Uemura 

I’m too excited by this photoset but look at them all happy together.

Thanks Amanda (x)

Julian forgets the lyrics to ‘You Only Live Once' and asks Nick for help. x

!!!! Oh my god my heart it just swells with love. I always worry about Nick and Julian but seeing moments like these make me so happy

(via thestrokesdaily)


The Strokes were SO FUCKING GOOD you guys.  ugH. UGH. The setlist seemed to be the same one from the Port Chester show, which was like, a perfect setlist. Great mix of old and new, all the hits pretty much.  I was up on the barrier on the side as you can see and had a pretty good view - this is a time I really felt my tall male privilege.  The crowd was pretty rowdy, like the medics seemed to be taking out 2 people at a time each song, like crowdsurfing them out. It was pretty nuts. There were a few points I almost had trouble breathing but it ended up being alright.  Just. DAMN.  Like you know your favorite band is your favorite band but then you see them (this was my first Strokes show) and you’re like oh of course THIS is why this band is so important to me and why I stood here for hours getting a mighty nice face sunburn.  No other band would I even think of doing that for. Every song just sounded so good.  Julian forgot to come in on You Only Live Once (yes, he yelled “YOLO”) and then started it, and I think he forgot some 12:51 lyrics but I couldn’t really tell.  I got chills during Automatic Stop and Razorblade and Hard to Explain. And hearing 12:51, the first Strokes song I ever heard and the one that got me into them was so so so so great, aahhh. Like I had to step out of myself for a moment and be like, wow this is IT WOW.  I’m screaming along with these songs that are like THE songs by THE band that was heavily heavily formative.  And seeing them with a lot my internet pals just made it so great too. and just. AAAHHH. I had so much adrenaline after it. I was screaming and jumping around. What a great day, what I great band.  I feel fulfilled. 

Aww sounds great, I’m not at all jealous (fuck me I’m jealous)

Jimmy Page talks about Jeff Buckley in RTL2 Pop Rock Station with Zegut (May, 2014)

This makes me so sad, imagine if they had worked together



Crying over this show so much, damn it Strokes come to the UK please and play a proper non festival tour! 


So excited for a show I can’t even go to, this is what The Strokes do to me

The Strokes photographed by Andrew Cotterill

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