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Raylan Givens in ‘Restitution’


1x8: Blowback

"You want my advice? Just stay the hell away from Boyd Crowder."

No small thing, taking a life.

It’s been a tough couple of months, Ava

 I was surprised you had that US Attorney come make the offer, didn’t do it yourself.
– Standard procedure.
– But you made sure to have him tell me it was because of you I got out.
– Ava, we get the feeling you ain’t playing ball, it’s gonna be me put you back in jail.

Smug little hobbit-looking beaner shitbird

You are really good at robbing banks

I like how they acknowledged how bad Boyd is with heroin but that he clearly is awesome at other things otherwise he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Stop talking to me

Daryl: Ya’ll catch him?

Tim: Oh, you don’t wanna know what we did to that guy

Tim was amazing in this scene

782 plays 782 plays
The Ruby Friedman Orchestra,
You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive


Where the sun comes up about ten in the morning
And the sun goes down about three in the day
And you fill your cup with whatever bitter brew you’re drinking
And you spend your life just thinkin’ of how to get away

Another great cover of “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” to close out another great season of Justified, still one of the best shows on television.

In the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky
That’s the place where I trace my bloodline
And it’s there I read on a hillside gravestone
You will never leave Harlan alive

May be my favourite version yet.

I’m scared Raylan
Don’t be. Everything’s gonna be fine

Justified 05x13 ‘Restitution’

Well shit I did not see that coming at all but how brilliant of a twist was that? All episode Ava insists she is not a snitch in prison only she ends up being one in order to get out.  The final season is going to be so hard to watch yet so great because it all comes down to Ava, Boyd and Raylan which is perfect because its how the series started.

Of course its not going to be a simple as Ava snitches on Boyd because despite the rough patches this season she clearly loves him still and even though Raylan seems up to the task of taking Boyd down once and for all will his heart really be in it when it comes to it?  

Katherine Hale is also an unknown, she could be very dangerous indeed and perhaps this is how Boyd gets out of the future trouble he is going to be in by stopping her.

Really can’t wait to see where it goes.

Don’t you?

Raylan has been pretty cold this season but really Daryl deserved it

Needs more Jason Staham

It’s high time that tune reach a shuddering crescendo.

Those middle gifs, yep