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Raylan + baseball bat

a rewatch: Arlo is up to something. What, is he trying to scam this guy? Get him to pay rent twice?

a rewatch: You shot my cousin.

a rewatch: [ron howard voice] hey! that’s the name of the show!

a rewatch: this is bullshit. this is supreme bullshit!

(via raylans)

"There ain’t no future for me without you."

I don’t got time for this bullshit

The bullet went right through his side, just under the ribs, didn’t hit any vitals. He’s a lucky son of a gun.


4.08 outlaw

no one puts boyd crowder in the corner


4.08 outlaw

no one puts boyd crowder in the corner


Boyd Crowder Illo cus I still love Justified and it only gets better and better. Word.

This is beautiful