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This is disgusting. I love it.

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13 Films for 2013

Alpha Papa / Before Midnight / Django Unchained / Gravity / Iron Man 3 / Lincoln / Monsters University / Much Ado About Nothing / Philomena / Prisoners / Side Effects / Thor: The Dark World / West of Memphis

Note: In the UK films that are getting buzz in the awards season usually come out later than the US, so there are few 2012 films listed and films I really want to see like American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave aren’t out until 2014 here. My end of year film list is always all over the place because of this.

Now with a bonus 14th film in the form of Mud

Iron Man 3 - Christmas

women of science in MCU and AoS

I so want Jane, Betty and Jemma to meet (and for Maya to magically be alive again)

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Harley and Tony are just so damn great

Pepper <3

Eye twitch

Rhodey in this movie <3

"Oh my God, that was really violent."

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The cover for my upcoming science bros fanbook~=D

Dummy <3

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Women of science


Gary/Tony <3

Yo listen up hear’s a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world