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I was wrong about you

1.13 Savoureux | 2.07 Yakimono
"The Ripper’s not self-destructive. He doesn’t want to get caught, he wants you to catch someone. Like he wanted you to catch me. Somewhere, in all of this evidence, you will find something that will lead you away from Hannibal Lecter.”

Nope, nope, nope

She likes applesauce

i was under his influence.

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I am his patsy!

Oh no damn I am not going to like any more Hannibal characters, it is breaking my heart too much

He’s the devil remember?

I am going to miss Gideon.

Psychopathy is the term used in modern clinical literature, while sociopathy is a term that was coined by G. E. Partridge in 1930 to emphasize the disorder’s social transgressions and that has since fallen out of use. (x)

Well you learn something new everyday

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So so wrong and yet…

I will not be eating the food

I really love Chilton this season! i love how on board he is with the Hannibal is a cannibal serial killer and he is just so fucking funny as well. Which means can he last the season? Be safe!

Don’t claim to know anyone

I know a lot of people are pissed off at the whole Alana/Hannibal thing but it was established in S1 that she has known him a long time and they almost had a fling then so her being in denial about who he really is makes sense. She is going to kick herself when the truth comes out but from her POV Will is going crazy and tried to kill his one time friend, Jack is on the edge because of Beverly’s death and Alana herself is probably close to it as well. No one is stable on the show and its making them all do extreme things.

In exchange for?

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[HANNIBAL] 2x05 Mukozuke – The return of Dr. Abel Gideon.

She’s one of yours