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Best case: Agent Koenig knows something we don’t. He took a team, kept us in the dark for our safety.

"she’s really pissed off."

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You got it right?

Fury’s reaction to Garrett was priceless

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Sometimes to protect one man against himself, other times to protect an alien invasion from another universe. It’s a broad job description. But the belief that drives us all is the same. Whether it’s one man or all mankind…
-That they’re worth saving.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hill should have been director instead of Coulson.
deardarkness deardarkness Said:

I keep seeing this opinion and whilst I agree, in reality it would not work because Cobie Smulders has moved back to NY to be with her family something she has wanted to do for a while and was waiting for How I Met Your Mother to finish.

She won’t be on Agents of SHIELD full time, she might turn up every so often. Hill as Director might seem like the right choice but real life circumstances means it can’t happen. 

I get that fans are annoyed but its like those saying Tony should be Director, as if RDJ is going to turn up on AoS every week. Not gonna happen.

And its clear going forward this is the story of SHIELD being rebuilt from scratch so the Director would need to be full time on the show.

Hence Coulson being the logical choice, you could argue for Melinda but out of everyone on that show Coulson is the one that has the biggest faith in SHIELD, and belief that it is needed.


Did I cry? Damn right I cried.

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"You bring a noise maker?"

I’m dressed like I live under a bridge

"Why bring me back in the first place? Clearly I didn’t think it was the best idea. I warned you about people losing their minds!"
Fury couldn’t stand to be without Coulson, oh god

a little bit

Howling Commando stuff…

Trip has like the greatest smile and nerdy Coulson is like the best as well. Please let Trip be a regular in S2 and be a not so secret nerd and just smile all the damn time.

Agent Melinda May everyone


Introducing their new best friends…

Don’t tell me these two wouldn’t be complete mutual fanboys, I won’t believe you!

Try not to set the drapes on fire

Philinda undercover