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“… Why the oldest son and not the best-fitted? The crown will suit me, as it never suited Robert and would not suit Stannis. I have it in me to be a great king, strong yet generous, clever, just, diligent, loyal to my friends and terrible to my enemies, yet cabable of forgiveness, patient—”

“— humble?” Catelyn supplied.

Renly laughed. “You must allow a king some flaws, my lady.” 

My favourite Baratheon

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Favourite Books Read In 2011

Rather than books they actually came out in 2011 because I tend to wait until they are released in paperback.

+ A Song Of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin (Books 1 to 5)

Originally I planned to read Game of Thrones only and wait to read each book after each season aired. Inevitably this failed because I became too emotionally involved. I do think there are some issues with the plot in books 4 and 5 in terms of taking too long to move forward but I still really enjoy them.

+ The Dark Tower by Stephen King (Books 1 to 7)

So many feelings about these books, I had always wanted to read them and finally did this year and consumed something like 4000 pages in a month. I just really fell in love with the characters and despite all the crazy fourth wall metaness that happens in later books I personally loved the ending.

+ Horns by Joe Hill

Strange at times messed up novel but one which confirms Hill really is a talented writer (see also the Locke & Key graphic novels)

+ The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I’m always a little hit and miss with Gaiman but I really fell in love with this children’s novel.

+ The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry

Strange detective story part Inception part Sherlock Holmes

+ Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

One of the best vampire stories I’ve read in ages, been wanting to read it for a long time but it was out of print until now. Funny and enjoyable, can’t wait for the sequels to be reprinted next year.

+ Under The Dome by Stephen King

Favourite King book in years even if the ending fell a little flat the build up and characters make it a worthwhile read if you are a fan.

+ Un Lun Dun by China Miéville

Another children’s book and the same with Miéville his adult books are hit and miss but this fantasy story was great.

+ The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle

Always one of my favourite Holmes stories I finally got around to reading it this year, so great.


A summery new design to fight the cold.


So I guess this is how I spend my time nowadays.


This is why the Internet exists

I only rescue maidens. by ~the-sly-wink

I seriously can’t wait to see this scene on Game of Thrones, in fact I can’t wait for all the Jaime and Brienne stuff

the-north-remembers replied to your post: Ways in which GRRM can finish the Song of Ice and Fire series (and troll the hell out of fandom)

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of the ‘everyone’s a Targ’ theory. Seriously. Jon? A Targaryen. Varys? A Targaryen. Cersei/Jaime/Tyrion? Targs every one. Old Nan? Secretly baby Aegon. It is known. Also, Hotpie for President!

Jon and Varys I can see being true for realz. Old Nan I knew she had secrets! HOTPIE how could I forget Hotpie.


Based on a conversation I overheard between Littlefinger and the Spider in the throne room today.

Of course, the conversation began with both of them admiring each other… as always.

*is unable to breathe*

Hah I love these Ask ASOIAF blogs this is so cute

• In the end all the Houses fighting each other was pointless bloodshed as in fact everyone in Westeros was a long lost Targaryen

• It’s all taking place in the twisted minds and dreams of the direwolves

• And so Littlefinger (now King of the Seven Kingdoms) sat down upon the Iron Throne remembering all the people and would be contenders he killed and manipulated and thought to himself “well this is all bit bollocks isn’t it, I miss fucking with everyone”

• Hodor, Patchface, Moonboy and that damn Raven become joint rulers

• Dany finally lands in Westeros……on the final page of the final book. (at this rate it could happen)

• None of the Starks reunite ever, like never ever

• “And all was well……lol joke of course it wasn’t”