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twelvemajorchords replied to your photo “OK just so you guys know if I disappear from Tumblr its because of…”

The ultimate in bullshit.

It really is. I’m so frustrated.


listenbigfoot replied to your photo “OK just so you guys know if I disappear from Tumblr its because of…”

What a bunch of A-holes!

If Tumblr was in space they would try to take Peter Quill’s Awesome Mixtape away from him. Idiots.


thesekitestrings replied to your photo “OK just so you guys know if I disappear from Tumblr its because of…”

Noooo don’t go :(

I am trying my best to stay!


Thanks for the support guys re my Tumblr music copyright problem. I spent the evening deleting 600 audio posts which was really disheartening but hopefully it will keep them off my back.  

Like I said in the original post I love posting music and talking about it but I won’t be posting or reblogging any music in the future now so if you followed me solely for that then I understand if you unfollow me now. I will still be posting obsessively about TV and movies though. They can’t take that away from me!

Is everyone here as trapped as I am?

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Cause together, we’re a crime fighting team

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OK just so you guys know if I disappear from Tumblr its because of this. Every so often I have been getting emails from Tumblr because of posting music, they remove the offending music but never ever tell you what the actual artist/song was.

I actually haven’t uploaded any music myself for a few months because of this (I just reblog posts) so basically someone is going through posts dating back 4 years and claiming copyright.

So now they are sending me this but its complete rubbish because lets face it, who hasn’t uploaded music on Tumblr before? Seriously who? If they are going to delete every blog that has ever uploaded music then most of Tumblr’s userbase will be gone.

So now I’m going through 100s of music posts deleting everything. Thought I should warn you. It could happen to you.

If they do delete my Tumblr frankly I doubt I will be back and least not in any major ways I’ve got 15,000 posts on here over 4 and half years. I can’t possibly replace all of that. 

I love music, I love posting about it and it saddens me I can no longer do that.

You can find me on my public Twitter here The Idiot_box in case I do go missing and decide to start another Tumblr.

Edited: Took me over 4 hours but I have deleted every audio post I had which was just over 600 posts. I swear to god if Tumblr end up deleting my blog after this I am going to go fucking insane.

I owe you

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You made me feel, Tawney.

Really feel, you know?

For the first time in a long time.

Matthew McConaughey and his dog Foxy enjoy a romp around the beach in Malibu, California

What’s Beep?

God this makes me miss Breaking Bad so much

Pure Cinematic Joy [x]

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You’re okay…you’re okay…you’re okay

Spoiler alert, he is not okay

Just..tell me you’re sorry

Always and forever my Doctor

Sam, where are you?

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in first still from Ant Man.

You can all act like you don’t care for Ant Man right now but I bet everyone loses their shit over Paul come next summer. Despite the director changes I still think this has a chance of being great.

Truly great news, this show is terrific