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You’re the worst shit in the Seven Kingdoms

Now now now Arya surely at this point she still belives Joff is alive, and lets face it he is a bigger shit!

Well, you woke up.

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We will wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe away the plasma

Art’s face though, he has seen a hell of lot of weird shit but nothing weirder than community theatre.



Game of Thrones S04E03 | THEY

2,205 plays 2,205 plays


Composer: Franz [Ferenc/Ferencz] Liszt (1811 - 1886)

Work: Un sospiro from Trois études de concert (1845 - 49)

Performer: Claudio Arrau

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What are you wearing?

My favourite friendship, yep! 

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Sebastian Stan for New York Moves Magazine (x)

I may be a scumbag, but…

I had a horse as a kid. Who didn’t?

You were a pirate once

Sometimes I think there should be an entire episode of Shireen and Davos talking about Westeros history. It would be amazing.

…and that’s when they came. I felt a shadow above me. I looked up and saw a great swarm of butterflies, and they circled around me like leaves in a storm, floating, soft; landing upon my head like a crown - a living crown! God’s signal…to begin.

I finally started watching Kings or should I say restarted it as I actually watched the first couple of episodes back when they aired then stopped when it became clear it was going to be cancelled. Now I’m back partly because of Sebastian Stan but mostly because its everywhere and I finally found some working links for it.  

Loving it so far especially Ian McShane but of course I am bracing myself to be disappointed when it ends and there is no more. See this is why I hold out on these wonderful one season shows the hurt becomes too much!

…in summer

”It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you will always be.”