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Top 35 TV Shows of 2013

21. 30 Rock

I love you too, Jack

The final season of 30 Rock proved that shows that hit a creative slump can make astonishing comebacks. I was hugely disappointed with S6 of the series but S7 really brought things full circle with the characters, it was smart, funny, doing what it does best (mocking NBC) and most importantly gave great and occasionally heartfelt endings for everyone.

30 Rock was always a cynical show that was more often or not a string of jokes which at the best of times hit more times than they missed but it took a rather lovely approach to the final run of episodes by focussing on the friendship of Liz and Jack. They had always been central to the show’s success and we got some great moments in S7 . Whether it was watching them go to Florida and deal with Colleen’s secret or the beautiful final scene they shared in the finale where Jack attempts to tell Liz how much she means to him. They both helped each other grow and really I love that kind of mentor/mentee relationship which isn’t used as much as it really should be on TV.

Apart from the heart-warming moments (and boy did I cry when Liz and Criss meet their adopted children), it was also hilarious. I will never tire of Jenna’s performance of Rural Juror a song so ridiculous that only 30 Rock could ever really pull it off.

I miss the show but I do think it went out with its best season in years. 30 Rock I will never forget you, 30 Rock I’ll always be glad I met you.

Favourite Episodes: A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World / Last Lunch

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