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The Middleman first aired today 3 years ago (16 June 2008)

I really miss this show, of all the TV show cancellations I’ve suffered this is one of the hardest. It was just so clever and funny and completely on the wrong network. How it doesn’t have a bigger cult following I will never know.

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    Awesome show, much missed. Anyone who knows and loves is a good and reliable person.
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    I miss this show, and I thought I was one of a very small group.
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    I keep meaning to finish watching this show, it’s awesome.
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    I miss it too. So much that I forced my parents (who aren’t much for scifi) to watch several episodes on DVD last week.
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    Anyone who likes science fiction and pop culture should probably watch this show.
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    I miss Dubby too…
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    2008? 2008?! It’s been so loooooooong. Such a good show! So sadly underappreciated!
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    omg has it been so long?
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    This is still my favorite show. I can’t believe it’s been four years. :(
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