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Themed Party Challenge 07: Phone Calls (Sylar and Mohinder Suresh, Heroes)

Mohinder: “Hello?”

Sylar: “Mohinder, I need your help”

Mohinder: “Sylar?”

Sylar: “I think I’m gonna do something bad”

Mohinder: “You’re a murderer. You don’t get the luxury of regret”

Sylar: “You don’t understand. I think I’m gonna kill a lot more people. A lot more. I understood it before — the killing. I had a reason. To take what others didn’t deserve. It was natural selection”

Mohinder: “What are you talking about?”

Sylar: “An apocalypse. A massacre. Half the city gone in an instant. They mean nothing. They’re innocent. There’s no gain, so why would I do it? What possible reason could I have for killing so many?”

Mohinder: “Wait, listen. You don’t have to. If you’re truly repentant about what you’ve done, turn yourself in”

Sylar: “I can hear you dialing 911. It was a mistake to call”

Mohinder: “No, wait, Sylar—Sylar!”

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