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Science Bros: Bruce Banner / Tony Stark Fanfic Rec List

I’ve noticed some people have been searching for fic for these two as friends or a couple so here are some I’ve found.

Note: I kind love all the fic I’ve found on AO3 so even if its not listed here still check them out


* Fic added to list 23 May
WIP: Work in progress 

General/Friendship/PG-13 Rated Fic

Artificial Hearts by 5harky *

Heartbeats and arc reactors. Really lovely fic

Breathing in Obera by argle_fraster *

There is an anchor leading back to Stark Tower, and Bruce isn’t so sure he dislikes it. I love fic where Bruce leaves but comes back because of reasons. Those reasons usually being Tony.

Paint It Black by argle_fraster (WIP) *

Bruce loses his sight in a lab accident, Tony tries to accommodate him the best he can

Avenue of Hope by anon (WIP) *

Tony has Fatal Familial Insomnia, Bruce tries to help. This fic is breaking my heart.

Untitled: Bonding over bad memories by anon *

I really like how this addresses the whole Stark weapons being used to hurt Bruce aspect of their unknown past

Midori Itsiiyusdi Ntsuab Emerald by anon *

Tony starts wearing a lot of green, this makes Bruce oddly annoyed

Invitation by anon *

Tony fantasises about grabbing Bruce’s perfect hot hair

The Small Things by anon *

5 Things Tony Didn’t Know About Bruce

Untitled: Shotgunning by anon

Bruce smoking weed to relax and Tony gets very interested.

Crashing In The Name Of Science by Bannerisms

I legitimately cried when I first read this because I had a million Bruce/Tony feelings and didn’t expect them to have any kind of fans and Caleigh wrote some fic and it was awesome.

Got Me Rambling and Stumbling Over What I Say by carnival_papers *

Tony and Bruce have more in common than they care to admit. Mentions of suicide.

The Spaces Between Staying and Walking Away by ghostdude101 *

Five times Bruce nearly left but Tony stopped him, and one time Bruce came back on his own

Tony and Bruce Series by Icarus_chained

Tony and Bruce as like best friends being awesome and lovely to each other. I adore this series. I wish it was real.

Vast and Shaking Things by Icarus_chained

Tony, Bruce and JARVIS discussing AI’s and just being so damn wonderful. Part of the larger and equally awesome Deus Ex series * which you should all read.

Stress Testing by Icarus_chained

I just love how the author writes them

Writing I <3 You by outerealm *

Bruce writes equations onto Tony’s skin. Can’t cope with the loveliness.

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place by Ravenspear (WIP) *

Slightly AU series where Bruce is tortured and Tony saves him

Perception by Rivulet027

Steve, Tony and Bruce have a misunderstanding. This warmed my cold bitter heart.

eu não quero voltar à minha vida by Ruperts

Sometimes I like angst, who I am kidding I always love angst

We Could Belong by Ruperts *

Tony is a technology thief, and Bruce works for the FBI, catching criminals like Tony. I love this AU so much make it real.

For The Ones With No Monster Within by Ruperts *

Tony is drunk but Bruce won’t take advantage

Of Things In Your Mind by Ruperts *

When Bruce firsts meets Tony he doesn’t like him very much, this changes.

Me You And Our Kid by Ruperts (WIP) *

Science bros adopting a child because why not? 

Essay On Blindness by Ruperts (WIP) *

Bruce accidentally gets blinded, Tony has a whole lot of guilt.

Five Times Synaesthesia Was a Problem For Tony Stark by Sonora *

Tony struggles to deal with his synaesthesia most of his adult life but only Bruce seems to understand.

What I Got Can’t Be Bought So Call It What You Want by yugimutos *

Kissing in the rain fic.


I Don’t Want Them Like I Want You by Ark *

Bruce has sex with all the other Avengers but what Tony wants to know is why he hasn’t been asked

Distractions by Broncobabe007 *

Bruce speaking science techobabble really turns Tony on and frankly who can blame him?

How Many Scientists Does it Take to Screw in the Stark Tower? by Cognomen (WIP) *

Another Bruce moving into Stark Tower and getting more than he bargained for fic.

You’re Not The Only One With Restraint by DevilishKurumi *

Another fic dealing with Bruce and control during sex.

The Science Beneath The Skin by Elfin *

Immediately after the battle, Tony knows how he wants his future to go and who he wants in it

What You Are to Me (You Are) by Enk *

Bruce and Tony work together in the labs and create a lot of unresolved sexual tension

A Box Step Suite by hegemony *

Tony takes Bruce to a fundraising event as his date

The Practical Application Of Power by Prosodi *

What can I say I really like Tony testing Bruce’s ability to have sex fic

We Have A Hulk by Ruperts

I love the interaction between them in this fic.

Dealing by Ruperts

Spanking, because really Bruce has the right idea about how to deal with Tony

Changing Channels by Ruperts

One word - hot. Two words Tony, Bruce. Now part of the excellent Beginnings After Endings series *

Experiments And Controls by Salmon_Pink *

Bruce has way more control than Tony thinks.

So Here’s To Drinks In The Dark At The End Of My Rope by Sleeponrooftops *

I love this fic especially bonus Peter Parker!

Another Reason To Keep You by Snack_Size *

What happens post-Battle, really great character study with porn!

Shake and Serve in a Standard Cocktail Glass by Somanyopentabs (WIP)

Sexy times, like really sexy sexy times. I highly approve

Emergency Pants by Some_Stars *

Post-battle adrenaline sex. Hot.

Bruising by Sonora *

Bruce has no idea why Tony’s got so much faith in him.

Our Own Share of Miseries by wave_of_sorrow *

Tony tries to show his feelings for Bruce via sharing food.

The Most Level by Wolfinglet *

Bruce likes to tease Tony a whole whole lot. Short but damn hot.

I Always Loved You, You Always Had A Lot Of Style by yugimutos *

A Bruce/Pepper/Tony fic, oh and waffles

Ode To Broken Things by yugimutos *

Tony and Bruce communicate via poetry, this is so beautiful and probably one of the hottest fics I’ve read

Tony’s Brilliant Bad Idea by Zelda_Zee *

Tony likes to test Bruce’s tolerance for sex….oh yes

Places to find fic

Bruce/Tony Tag on AO3

Bruce and Tony Tag on AO3 (Yes there is a difference)

Places for prompts

Avenger Kink always has lots of Bruce/Tony prompts people should totally fill

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