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Now go drink until it feels like you did the right thing


if you don’t think this is the saddest thing in the whole of the MCU then you’re very very wrong.


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Films Watched In 2014

#22 The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

This one of my favourite Wes Anderson films (so far). It is a real farce of a story, which rushes along to each new chaotic scene. Every frame seems feels perfect, like hours and days were spent making every moment beautiful and vibrant.

Ralph Fiennes has never been better, the supporting cast is as great as one expects in an Anderson movie and newcommer Tony Revolori nearly steals the show.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Where I belong.

Films Watched In 2014

#21 The Book Thief (2014)

I am so behind on my mini movie reviews like 6 movies behind, time to rectify that.

I absolutely adored The Book Thief novel so the movie was going to have to be pretty damn incredible to match my expectations but sadly it wasn’t.

It isn’t a complete disaster not by a long shot but it is missing something that I can’t quite decide on. The performances are generally pretty good and it is beautifully filmed but there isn’t the charm of the novel and that is shame.

Rating: 3 out of 5

They will be the death of me

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Sam Wilson is the light of my life


[Peter Parker] also has an aunt…

So Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out this week in the UK. some spoilery thoughts under the cut

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I think he should come with us, Sir.

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Don’t act like you know what Fury had me do.

Well he had you spy on him for a reason, so what was it?

House Stark in 4.02 The Lion and the Rose