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What is the difference between an egg and a rock?

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Alone on this train

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You take this. Right now.

"We didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse, so we knew that we had to bring our relationship to the set and we tried to stay within that dynamic even when we were interacting between takes." 

jemma simmons in season one episode nineteen, "the only light in the darkness"

"Agent Triplett thinks that he’s done something to upset you. Fitz, if you’re questioning his loyalty in any way I can assure you -"

"It’s not him.”

References to The Avengers in Agents of SHIELD 1x19 The Only Light In The Darkness

Please let Fitz meet Bruce one day. Please.


@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

His interaction with the Marvel account is killing me. Also I want Scarlett’s robe so badass.

Do you have another agenda here?

So three things. One this scene was really fucking great. Two I love bad Ward a hell of a lot Brett plays him really well. Finally I love bad Ward but dude he killed Eric! I am so upset and frankly I don’t see how he can be redeemed in anyway. Actually this isn’t a bad thing, like I said I LOVE bad Ward! I hope he is a thorn in the team’s side for seasons to come.

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"This Mother of Dragons, this Breaker of Chains, is above all a rescuer.”

It was more badass last season but still pretty badass this season.

I don’t know what you are

Why are you here?

I really want a flashback episode to the days when Coulson and May previously worked together, when May was still a prankster and Coulson wasn’t full of angst. And they have to pretend to be a couple and its super silly and fun and alcohol is consumed and May teases Coulson over his Captain America crush and then Coulson teases May over her Peggy Carter crush (because you so know she has one). Fun times.

This is really good!